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Our mission is incredibly simple:

... and other sexually abusive crimes.

Thousands of sexual crimes are forgotten or entirely ignored because the victims are either denied a voice or heavily threatened into silence.

"But how can we change it?!" Easy.

Say the words.


Start the Conversation

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An advocate for campus safety and the end of sexual violence, Gennavie speaks to the victims of sexually assault and those who are first responders of support and intervention.  "Date Rape is still Rape" is Genna's mantra and she raises awareness to the misconception that just because it was a friend it isn't rape.  


A felony parole and probation officer for 10 years, Brett has seen the criminal side of sexual assault and rape. Now, as a therapist and father of a victim, Brett has turned his voice to ending sexual violence. 

Brett brings story, experience, and reality to the conversation and encourages friends and bystanders to Say The Words and stop a perpetrator before they have the chance. No one wants to be guilty by association of sexual violence. "Friends Don't Let Friends Rape!"



As a therapist of sexually abused youth, Gina is well acquainted with the issues of sexual assault, grooming, and the impact that sexual abuse and assault has on the person.  Gina is a bright and articulate trainer and has a wealth of knowledge on how to appropriately intervene and assist victims through the aftermath of sexual assault.   




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