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About Genna:


Genna’s passion for preventing sexual assault comes from a very personal background. After being first raped in high school but feeling unable to speak out about it, and then later re-victimized in college where she found a voice to speak out and get help, she knew that something must be done.

Not only to help those who have already been hurt, but to get to the root of the problem about what makes this happen in the first place. Genna believes that through education, more people can understand how to communicate and respect boundary lines in relationships, which will lower the risk for opportunity of what is most commonly considered “date” rape- or as genna likes to call it: rape. 

When Genna disclosed her assault to the university she was attending, and her story was pushed aside by the administrators, Genna knew that she needed to do more. Colleges needed formal training on what must be done when a student reports sexual assault, and she knew she could give it to them. After working with the state of Idaho to develope and create a program to end child sexual abuse, Genna put her knowledge and skills to use, making a similar program for Universities. Together with Brett and Gina, she created education opportunities for college administrators and high school and college students to teach the higher education system how to improve their school by providing a safe and reliable institution for learning and growth.

  About Brett:

A felony parole and probation officer for 10 years, Brett has seen the criminal side of sexual assault and rape. Now, as a therapist and father of a victim, Brett has turned his voice to ending sexual violence. 

Brett brings story, experience, and reality to the conversation and encourages friends and bystanders to Say The Words and stop a perpetrator before they have the chance. No one wants to be guilty by association of sexual violence. "Friends Don't Let Friends Rape!"

  About Gina:
  As a therapist of sexually abused youth, Gina is well acquainted with the issues of sexual assault, grooming, and the impact that sexual abuse and assault has on the person.  Gina is a bright and articulate trainer and has a wealth of knowledge on how to appropriately intervene and assist victims through the aftermath of sexual assault.